The Most Highly Demanded Jobs In Germany 2022

The Most Highly Demanded Jobs In Germany 2022

The Most Highly Demanded Jobs In Germany 2022

As per recent reports, some of the most highly-demanded professions in Germany are expected to remain the same until 2022. These professions include doctors, industrial engineers, and computer scientists. Let’s take a look at each of them one by one. Depending on your field of interest, you could have a promising future in your chosen profession. However, it is important to remember that the German labor market does not have enough local talent to meet the demand.

Computer scientists

In 2021, the most in-demand jobs in Germany are computer programmers, software developers, information security analysts, electrical engineers, and sales associates. These jobs are not all pandemic-related; some of them have high demand for specific skills. Statista, a government-run employment agency, conducted a study to see what kinds of professionals will be needed by companies in Germany.

In 2022, the demand for security professionals will continue to be high. This is largely due to the U.S. Air Force, which has an extensive security system. The aging population also means a high demand for nurses and caregivers. Those working in these fields should be aware of the fact that the number of openings in Germany is expected to increase by over 1.2 million in the next decade.

The high pay and high demand for these jobs make them a good choice for foreign professionals. Computer scientists will enjoy a 60% increase in demand in 2019 and will earn at least 40k per year. The demand for computer scientists is expected to increase over the next decade as many organisations return to growth and protect their future. The demand for nurses and caregivers will increase as well, especially in the southern part of Germany.

If you’re looking for a job in IT, a career in computer science is right for you. It’s a growing field, and it’s not hard to find a job as a computer scientist. The salary for these professionals can reach 58,600 EUR gross in Germany. And there’s a good chance you can find one without even speaking the language.

Industrial Engineers

The country has been looking for talented and highly skilled workers in recent years and has ranked industrial engineers as the most sought after occupations. These professionals can work remotely and can design systems to minimize wastefulness in production processes. They also develop cost-saving production methods and communicate with industrial managers and other personnel in the companies they work for. The list below provides more information about these positions and what employers are looking for in these professionals.

The demand for Industrial Engineers is expected to grow steadily through the years, and there are a number of job opportunities in the country. However, there are disadvantages to this occupation, including lower salaries. As with any other field, employment opportunities may be limited unless you can get a degree in the relevant field. However, it is possible to secure a job in this field by taking financial sponsorship for your advanced training.

Other highly sought after jobs in Germany include software development, supply management, waste management, and civil engineers. Also in demand are electricians, plumbers, pipefitters, and welders. Moreover, lawyers, IT specialists, and industrial engineers are also in demand in Germany. In addition, Software Developers and Full Stack Engineers will also be sought after in the near future.

Industrial Engineers can specialize in software development or coding. They focus on process improvement and cost reduction. They are also responsible for the smooth functioning of production processes. Industrial Engineers can work in many industries. Some even get to work from home, although this is only possible when no on-site inspections are required. The average salary for an Industrial Engineer is $88,950 a year.


With an increasing number of foreigners moving to Germany, a number of legal positions are opening up. Several of these positions are in private firms. These firms are a popular place to work in Europe and are often a great place to find work for foreigners. Many lawyers who choose to work in Germany are looking to improve their skills through further education and training. Taking an online course on HR management is a good idea to improve your HR management skills. An online HR management course at the University of Minnesota, offered on Coursera, is a good way to improve your skills.

In addition to lawyers, other professions that are in high demand in Germany include engineers, scientists, and health workers. The high number of startups is expected to increase the need for professionals in these fields. Additionally, the country is home to several industries, including technology. Thus, there is a huge demand for engineers. Those in these fields will be able to earn EUR79,568 per year.

Another career choice that offers good salary potential is law. Lawyers, also known as attorneys in some countries, complete an extensive course of study and gain specialized knowledge. This degree can increase your salary by up to 50%. It is also important to note that lawyers are paid much higher than physicians. In Germany, lawyers earn on average EUR100,800 per year. But this is not an average figure – it varies depending on the field and the location.

Salaries in Germany vary depending on the type of job and location. Lawyers in the Berlin area can expect to earn between EUR 2500 and EUR 160,000 per year. In addition, in-house lawyers earn 10 percent more than the average lawyer, earning around 90,000 euros. Salaries also depend on experience and personnel responsibility. There is no minimum or maximum salary for lawyers in Germany, but lawyers with extensive experience are compensated with handsome salaries.


Physicians are in high demand in Germany, and a career in this field is a lucrative option. The country boasts nearly 400,000 doctors, about half of whom work in the hospital sector. The remaining half practice in private practices, and 60,000 physicians are foreigners. Many German hospitals have multi-national teams and are welcoming new foreign applicants. However, there are some important requirements for obtaining a medical license in Germany.

According to a LinkedIn study, doctors are one of the most in-demand jobs in Germany. While many other fields are expected to grow in demand as well, the medical field is particularly strong. According to the report, Germany is expected to grow its population by a third by 2060, with annual immigration reaching over 500,000. Doctors are in demand in the country due to a growing ageing population.

A doctor’s salary is one of the highest paid positions in Germany, with average salaries ranging from 65,000 EUR to 85,000 EUR. Depending on the specialization and experience, this occupation pays well. Engineers are also highly sought-after in Germany. It is estimated that every second person in Germany has a degree in engineering. Despite their high demand, they are relatively easy to find in Germany, even for foreigners. Engineers in all majors are in high demand in Germany, and there are a large number of jobs in this profession available in the country.

While surgeons have high wages, they also carry a high risk of injury. Surgeons, in particular, must have extensive knowledge and training to safely perform surgical procedures. As a result, their careers are highly sought after and the pay is often high. However, surgeons must have an excellent understanding of the medical field in order to ensure that their patients are well-cared for. While surgeons are highly risky, they also have good prospects for success.

Graphic designers

With the increasing demand for visual products and services, graphic designers are the most sought-after workers. These professionals combine technical skills with creativity to create appealing layouts and visuals. They are also required for business presentation, sorting, and promotion. These professionals can join international teams or work as freelancers. Germany will continue to have a high demand for graphic designers, with many opportunities for advancement.

If you love to work with visuals, graphic design is a great career option for 2022. Whether you work with tangible products, software, or overarching concepts like brands, design careers can be both creative and technical. Working with a team and communicating ideas are just a few of the reasons that a graphic design career is a highly sought-after profession. The field is constantly growing, and a good knowledge of the latest trends will help you find a job that fits your skill set and interests.

As more companies become visually-focused, graphic designers will continue to become more important than ever. According to Venngage, 37% of companies would like to automate design assets. While 43% of businesses plan to heavily rely on visual content in their marketing strategies, only 36% of companies produce visual content more than twice a week. This is a strong sign that graphic design is essential for today’s world.

In addition to creating engaging and eye-catching designs, graphic designers can also help create the world a better place. They can design environmental-friendly products and campaigns, or even illustrations for vaccination. These designers are required to be creative and can work from anywhere, including remote locations. Many companies will be willing to pay them well for their expertise. And if you have good drawing skills, you may want to take up graphic design as a career.

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